Linen and Placemats

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Table linens are fabric goods made for repeated use and include several items including napkins, placemats, table cloths, table skirting, and table napkins.

Choosing the right table placemats for your restaurant can make a huge difference in the way the customers feel in your restaurant.

As of now, choosing the right linen placemat supplier is quite a difficult process in Dubai. The Dubai market is having a lot of suppliers and manufacturers providing quality placemats. However, when it comes to choosing the leading linen placemat suppliers in Dubai, Renarte General Trading LLC is the best choice.

At Renarte, we provide the best quality table placemats matching the customer requirements. We have years of experience in supplying the best linen placemats made by the top brands.

Being one of the leading suppliers of table placemats, we understand the significance of having the best placemats for your restaurant or hotel. Along with world-class service, we assure quality on every product we supply.

Linen and Placemats

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Linen and Placemats

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High-quality placemats

No matter where you run a small or big restaurant, we have linen table placemats of all kinds. We offer high-quality placemats from top brands as per the customer requirements.

Elegant and Stylish Designs

Here, you will get elegant and stylish linen table placemats and napkins offering a pleasing experience to the customers.

Best and Natural Linen Placemats

Acquire the best and natural linen placemats without much hassle from Renarte LLC, one of the best linen placemat suppliers.

World-Class Service

At Renarte, we offer world-class service to our customers as we have a team of professionals with years of experience.

Linen & Placmat Products Checklist for Hotels

  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Hotel Bed Sheets
  • Bathrobe
  • Linen
  • Slipper
  • Comforters
  • Plain Stripes Bed sheet
  • Mattress topper
  • Polyester sheets
  • Blanket
  • Fitted sheet
  • Plain Cotton Bed sheets
  • Plain Cotton Colored Bed sheets
  • Bolsters
  • Duvet & cover
  • Colored Stripes Bed sheet
  • Tencel

Linen and Placemats

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Linen and Placemats

Frequently Asked Questions

To clean linen placemats, you need certain tools and materials. The tools include Dryer, Iron, Washer, Pressing cloths, and Ironing board. When it comes to materials, it includes stain remover, water, and laundry detergent. Table linens made using synthetic fabrics should be washed with the help of a permanent press cycle. The permanent cycle consists of a cool-down feature, which helps reduce wrinkling. Several table linen fabrics can be properly washed in warm or cold water. Washing table linens can be done using regular laundry detergent. A heavy-duty detergent will be good to remove food stains, mainly the oily ones.

There are diverse types of placemats, which is suitable for Hotels and Restaurants. It comes in different sizes, designs, types, and shapes of materials. 1. Woven placemats: These placemats are good for those who want something, which looks nice and is easy to clean. 2. Flax linen: This is a well-known and stylish placemat; which can decorate the table. 3. Round placemats: These placemats are a smart and unique choice for those who have minimum space. 4. Table protection placemats: It is designed to secure the costly wooden table from burn marks. 5. Wooden placemats: These placemats provide a unique look to your dinner table.

Choosing the best placemat is quite a challenging task. Before choosing the best placemat, choose the tablecloth, measure the table size (height, length, and width), and measure the table diameter if you have a round shape table. Considering all these things will help you choose the right placemat as per the requirements.

The color of the placemats depends on two things- Color of your dining table and color theme of the restaurant or hotel. Choose the table placemat that suits your table cloth.

The size of the placemat is based on the size of the dining table. A placemat should be wide and broad enough to hold the table belongings of one person. The belongings include a spoon, plate, fork, glass, and bowl.

Finding the best placemat supplier in UAE is one of the tough jobs as several suppliers are there in the marketplace. Now, when it comes to the best linen placemat supplier in UAE, choose Renarte General Trading LLC. We are one of the leading suppliers of linen placemats made by the top-class brands.

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