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How to Set a Table in Restaurant

How to set a table in Restaurant

How to set a table in Restaurant

Restaurants are perfect hangout destinations for people to spend quality time and to get indulged in some fun activities while enjoying their favorite food. The ambiance inside a restaurant can elate your senses to have a wonderful time with your beloved ones.

The concept of a restaurant is now changing as the latest trends including street food culture and food trucks have been finding spaces to satisfy the culinary needs of the people. Since a multisensory experience, eating requires its own significance when you visit a restaurant to have your favourite edibles.

For a customer, it is very important to find the tables and other equipment are set properly and neatly. And it is the responsibility of a restaurant owner to set it right.

Now, let’s check the importance of table setting in a restaurant and how it impacts the most valued customers who often visit your restaurant.

Basic Table Setting

how to set a table for restaurant

In restaurants, what the authorities should follow is nothing but the basics of table setting. Because how you set the table in a restaurant is one of the key indicators of the service the restaurant offers. Check whether you have covered some important things while setting a table in a restaurant.

Table Mats

Ensure that you are using clean table mats. Wipe it well and make sure that there are no stains on it. Table mats should be placed straight and parallel to the edge of the table. There should be enough space to move around.


Fold it like a triangle. Make sure that the napkins are neatly folded. Because if the napkins look crumpled and wrinkly they will look muddled.


Plates should be placed in the middle of the table mat. Plates are in fact the point of attraction and all the other cutleries and utensils should be placed in order around the plate


Restaurants mostly offer two sets of cutleries for guests, for the starter and main course. If you want to experience the taste of deserts, again cutleries are provided. The dinner knife and fork should be placed on either side of the table mat.


The glasses are in fact representation of stylishness and elegance. Set on the right-hand side of the table mat, wine glasses offer an all-inclusive look to the table along with water glass and other utensils including a red wine glass, a main course knife, and more.


Centerpieces are an inevitable part of a table setting and you should give extra care and attention. A good choice would be a great-looking flower vase. However, make sure that the flowers are healthy and does not have any allergic effects.


Let’s now check casual table setting instructions

The dinner plate should be placed in the middle of the placemat.

On the top of the dinner plate, put the salad plate.

Place the soup bowl on top of the salad plate.

The napkin can be laid to the left of the charger.

On the napkin, place the fork.

Put the knife on the right of the plate and then place the spoon.

Water glass can be placed above the knife.

If there is a wine glass, you can place it slightly above the water glass.

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Informal Table Setting

how to set up a table for restaurant

To serve a three-course meal, go for this informal table setting as it needs only a few utensils. As displayed in the image, you can set the plate in the middle with a folded napkin on its top. Place the forks on the left side while the knives are placed on the right. The spoons, glasses, and other utensils can be placed accordingly to make it a perfect setting for an informal lunch or dinner.

Formal Table Setting

Formal Table Setting

The same principles of informal table setting are applied here. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is there are more courses to serve here. And as a result, there will be more utensils to arrange as well. To set a formal table, there are some principles you need to follow. There should not be more than three items on each side of the plate. Don’t ever let the setting be messy.

Meet the expectations of your customer

Table setting helps to meet the demands of your customer. Be it a formal, full-service, or multi-course dining restaurant, keep yourself updated by always providing the complete package.

Elate the ambiance

Go with the expectations and create that elating ambiance for the customers to enjoy a great time. Because the table setting in a restaurant helps create an ambiance to match the kind of food they serve and the décor of the dining room.

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Defines overall customer experience

The customers need an unmatched experience with the restaurant and hence practicality and convenience in dining are a must. Proper table setting helps you in enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

How to set a table in a restaurant completely depends on the intelligence of the owner. However, the long standing and traditional table-setting ideas would give you a sneak peek at the concepts that you can simply rely on to offer your most valued customers a great quality time.

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