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Serveware : Why is it essential for your Restaurant?


You have heard about the words serve and serving. And yes, you are well aware that these words are completely in association with the hospitality sector as well. Today, ‘Serveware’ is a word that is used globally and it would be an interesting fact that the word serve has been derived from the Latin word ‘Servire’.Collectively, the term refers to extensive dinnerware products including bowls, cups and saucers, beverage containers, fruit compotes, shakers, platters and more. Serveware or serving ware is used to bring the food to the customers and hence it is used both by the customers and the operators.

What difference does Servingware make in your Restaurant?


Restaurants are unique spaces where people come to have quality time. And it’s the responsibility of the concerned people to make them feel comfortable.

Today, people would like to experience the next-level foodservice and hence you need to upgrade your restaurant as well. Serveware plays a vital role in providing a good time for your customers.

.Let them enjoy the ambiance they really look forward to. It would be great if you can prefer quality serveware to make your customers happy. Some people would like to have it green and they are closer to eco-friendly actions. Try unique, eco-friendly serving ware and let your customers enjoy a different dining experience.

Different types/models of serving ware


Maybe you are having a comparatively small meal and sometimes it would be an extended feast. However, the serving ware that you use comes in handy. During the feast, there may be drinks, salads, desserts, side dishes, and other condiments. And there are serving dishes specially designed for each of these items.

To name a few, there are bowls designed to store fruits and salads. Others include platters, salvers, compotes tureen, casserole, pitcher, trays to store vegetables, cheese board, chaffing dish, creamers, beverage pots and more. The list goes on. But it would be great for you to keep a better understanding of kitchen accessories.


Selecting a Set of Serveware

When it comes to selecting a set of serveware, you should be careful as dinnerware is considered the main attraction of a dining table. More than a crockery piece, it is a serving product and while you choose it for your home or restaurant, just be creative by sparing space to unique serveware products on your dining tables. To enhance your meals and to set an exceptional mood while you dine, you need to understand well about different types of serveware or dinnerware. And we make that task easy and hassle-free.

Where to store the Serveware set?


Like choosing serveware set, it is equally important to store them at the right place. Typically, dinnerware is meant to be stored inside kitchen cabinets. At home, you may not need them to be used often. However, in restaurants, it’s completely a different scenario and you should keep it in a place where you can access it easily.

Tips to Store the Serveware sets

  1. Place your infrequently used serveware sets in shower caps
  2. Use Paper towels to store cast iron skillets
  3. Inorder to protect fancy dishes, use styrofoam plates
  4. For baking sheets, use tension rods
  5. Hang Cutting boards, knives etc
  6. Utilize pegboards to place pots and pans
  7. Place heavy stuff in the kitchen cabinets

How to clean and maintain the Servingware and Dinnerware?


Cleaning and maintaining serveware and dinnerware require special care. It would be a good idea if you can use normal dishwashing liquid to clean it. It is advised to use a soft sponge to wash them. It is because soft scrubbers won’t make any scrape on the shining surface of any serveware and dinnerware. It would be great if you can separate dinnerware and other modes of hard serve ware from glassware products to avoid cracks.

Tips to Clean and maintain serving ware

  1. Rinse out the residues before washing the serveware.
  2. In order to protect the glasses from breaking, use plastic dishpan or rubber sink mat.
  3. To remove Grease and stains, Mix vinegar with water and rinse it properly before applying..
  4. Use soft cloths smeared with oil to clean the Serveware after washing. also, use another cloth to buff.
  5. Make a mixture using cornstarch and water and apply it on tarnished silver. once it gets dry, use a dry cloth to remove the waste.

Tips to help keep your Servingware sets looking great

  1. Keep it in a safe place. That means it should be kept away from dust and other dirt.
  2. Choose the best storage option. Some products are wide and long. It requires huge space too.
  3. Clean it using only normal dish wash liquid and wash it with scrubbers having soft sides.
  4. Handle it with utmost care while using, especially when you serve.
  5. Let serve ware cool after it has been washed
  6. Keep it at room temperature to thoroughly get it dry. Few dinner sets may not be in use regularly. Give timely maintenance for that too.

Where do you buy the best Serveware or Dinnerware in UAE?


Renarte LLC gives you that chance to choose the best ever serveware and dinnerware sets to make your home/restaurant have an enhanced look. We offer you one-stop solution for all your hospitality requirements. Get to know about our exquisite range of products that provide you an unforgettable experience while you dine. We believe in quality and that is the reason why we tie up only with the best ever manufacturers across the globe.

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