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Acquire premium-quality housekeeping and front office supplies for your hotels!

Be it a big or a small hotel, front office and housekeeping supplies are essential to maintain a tidy and perfect environment. Having all the essential equipment required for cleaning and front office makes a huge impact on your hotel on the customers. Moreover, making use of the best products provide a huge impact on the overall hotel atmosphere.

As a result, several companies are supplying essential housekeeping and front office equipment. Now, are you looking for the top suppliers of housekeeping and front office equipment in Dubai? If yes, then prefer Renarte General Trading LLC.

Renarte General Trading LLC is one of the trustworthy housekeeping and front office equipment suppliers in Dubai. We have a wide range of housekeeping supplies that every cleaning department needs.  With us, ensure branded and premium-quality supplies.

Being one of the top housekeeping cleaning and front office equipment suppliers in Dubai, we provide only premium-quality products. As we have years of expertise in this field, we offer branded and quality products as per the customer’s needs.



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Why should you buy from us?

Renarte General Trading LLC is one of the leading suppliers of branded house keeping equipment supplies in Dubai. We believe in providing top-quality products as per the customer requirements. Our products are from branded manufacturers, who are well-known for their advanced technology and quality components.

With us, you will get world-class quality housekeeping items along with excellent customer service.


We supply premium quality hotel housekeeping supplies made by the leading and branded manufacturers.

Best Brands

At Renarte, you will get the hotel cleaning products and front office equipment from the best brands.

Customer-friendly Service

Renarte provides customer-friendly service as customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Housekeeping and front office Checklist For Every Hotels and Restaurants

  • Room Rack
  • Key Rack
  • Vacuums & Dust Bags.
  • Cleaning & Room Care.
  • Information Desk
  • Housekeeping Trolleys.
  • Step Stools.
  • Cleaning Wipes.
  • Mail And Message Rack
  • Laundry & Storage Bags.
  • Indoor Akers.
  • Just Sanitised Labels
  • Information Desk
  • Mail And Message Rack
  • Folio Bucket
  • Credit Card Validator



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Frequently Asked Questions

The equipment used in the front office is: • Front Desk • Bell desk and concierge desk • Lobby desk • Travel counter • Folio tray • Credit card imprinters • Wake up device • Room and reservation racks • Computer, Printer, UPS

Front office tools and equipment play a significant role in the front office department such as: • Proper maintenance of front office tools and equipment improves the quality of work. • If the furniture, files, devices, etc. are properly maintained, it will save a lot of precious that you require while searching in an organized room. • The tools and equipment in a maintained front office environment have less chance of damage.

The supplies used in housekeeping are vacuum machines, brooms, floor machines, stools, mops, and much more.

The cleaning supplies used in housekeeping are: • Sponge (Several varieties are available) • Scrub brush • Spray Bottle • Microfiber cloths • Bucket • White Towels • Squeegee

The most common cleaning agents used in the hotel are: • Detergents • Bleaches • Spirit Solvents • Acids • Sanitizers • Alkalies

The equipment used in the housekeeping department is: • Vacuum Cleaner • Bucket • Sponge • Dishcloth • Broom • Water Hoses • Dustpan • Cobwebber

Housekeeping tools and equipment are important due to several reasons. It includes: • Reduces work fatigue and boosts productivity • Save the precious time of housekeeping staff • High manoeuvrability

Here are some of the basic rules to remember when making use of cleaning products: • Do not forget to wear rubber gloves for avoiding contact with chemicals. • Keep cleaning products away from pets and children. • Ventilate rooms before you start cleaning. • Place anti-slip strips on rugs for reducing falls and slips.

The products used by housekeepers are Aprons, Feather dusters, Vacuum cleaners, Gloves, Cleaning buckets, Toilet bowl cleaners, Paper towels, Microfiber mops, Disinfectant cleaners, Toilet bowl brushes, Soap scum remover, and much more.

The methods to keep the hotel clean are: • Remove rubbish • Dusting • Remove used cups • Clean the floor • Change the bed • Clean surfaces • Strip the bed

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