Redefine the Way You Serve With Stylish and Branded Chinaware Products !

Getting chinaware products is easy as a lot of chinaware manufacturers and suppliers are in the marketplace. However, attaining world-class quality products from the best suppliers is not so easy.

If you are in search of best chinaware suppliers providing world-class quality products, then Renarte llc is your best choice.

Renarte llc is one of the leading chinaware suppliers in Dubai offering high-quality products. Here at Renarte LLC, we ensure credibility and excellence in every aspect of our service and product. Our strength depends on a highly dedicated and dexterous team with the skills to supply quality products meeting the customer expectations.

At Renarte llc, our vision is to supply chinaware products with the finest and most elegant designs. We aim to provide the chinaware products of top brands across the globe making everyday luxury.

With several elegant designs, our products have been lauded all over the world. No matter, whether you want the products for hotel business or theme-based event, we are empowered to provide unique and classy products.



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Why should you buy from us?

Mesmerising Designs

We have an impeccable array of flamboyant chinaware products in the hospitality categories that make a long-lasting expression among the visitors.

Luxury and Style

At Renarte llc, we supply only stylish, quality, and appealing chinaware products to ensure a luxurious feel meeting the latest trends.

Best-in-class Services

We have a team of experienced people who tries their level best to provide world-class services to the customers.

Premium Quality

Renarte llc believes in providing 100% quality service and products to the customers. With us, you can ensure a lifetime guarantee of being food rust-proof and safe.

Chinaware Checklist For Every Hotels and Restaurants

  • Antique Dinnerware
  • Beer Mugs
  • Ceramic Bowls
  • Ceramic Klin
  • Aantique Jar
  • Bistro Mugs
  • Ceramic Canister
  • Blue and White Porcelain
  • Ceramic Vase
  • Antique Mugs
  • Bone China Dinnerware
  • Ceramic Container
  • Ceramic Wind Chimes
  • Antique Vases
  • Cat Bowl
  • Celadon
  • Ceramic Dinnerware
  • China Tea Sets
  • Baby Mugs
  • Ceramic Bottles
  • Ceramic Jars
  • Chinaware Wholesale
  • Basket Bowl
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Ceramic Jugs
  • Christmas Dinnerware
  • Porcelain
  • ​Bone china
  • Tang Sancai
  • White Porcelain



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Chinaware is the dishes made of china using translucent ceramic material. It consists of several dishes ranging from usual plates to dinnerware with unique colors, shapes, and sizes depending on the purposes. Chinaware is made of soda, silica, china clay, and ash, which gives it an elegant and fine touch.

Maintaining and storing chinaware products is the process that you are supposed to do properly. In fact, storing delicate chinaware products needs special attention. Wrapping chinaware products will keep them away from scratches and damage. However, serving bowls and teapots should be separately wrapped from their lids. Along with this, you need to fill the inside section of the glasses with wrapping materials from preventing breakage. You can opt for wrapping materials like paper towels, bubble wrap, and standard wrapping papers.

It depends on several factors. The factors include: •Number of seats in the restaurant •Popular menu items (Example- Different glasses for different drinks) •Average table turnover rate

Renarte LLC is the best place for you to find the best chinaware. We offer very high quality Chinaware from world class brands at an affordable price

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