Is a brand that focuses on the art of the moment using clean lines and elegant designs to embody the natural emotions that come with every occasion. Degrenne focuses on the art of gastronomy highlighting colors and exhaling flavours drawing your senses into a playful delight. By embodying the French way of living this brand chooses to slow down the pace paying attention to detail and adding a touch of elegance.


Making great food look beautiful has always been one of Denby’s core values and research shows that nearly half of us think the way our food is presented is just as important as how it tastes. As trends move away from plain white ware into more interesting plates and bowls which showcase dishes in both hospitality and in the home, Denby’s artisan handmade ranges of beautiful and unique tableware and crockery are eminently placed to provide a beautiful canvas for all kind of cuisines. The hardy Derbyshire clay, the secret glaze recipes and the generations of craftsmanship along with the magic that happens in the kiln creates a parallel with the work of the chef - quality ingredients, expertly combined then brought out of the oven to create memorable food and drink moments that your diners will love.


Founded in 1800 in England, with nine generations of family experience in producing quality ceramics. Stunning tableware that is loved by hospitality professionals all over the world. The Dudson philosophy is to combine innovation and design by taking a product idea from concept to reality, using inherent craftsmanship and knowledge coupled with modern production facilities. Made in England, the brand offer Lifetime Chip Edge Warranty which makes it extremely reliable to use.


A trendsetter in the tabletop industry, FOH® (Front of The House) designs and manufactures distinctive tableware and serveware for the hospitality industry, transforming the ordinary into modern elegance.  Exploring the intersection of color, unique textures, and bold shapes, with an array of sizes, the FOH design team is continuously inventing new concepts for creative mixing and matching designed to stimulate the senses.  All FOH products reflect remarkable craftsmanship, durability and value.


Founded in 1994 in Belgium, a small business then founded by a couple; today became as one of the best-selling brands in Porcelain. Specialists in the field of table decoration & known for their humble beginnings, the company is known for its personal and smooth service with products their customers know they wont find anywhere else.


Baltasar Regás who inherited the art of pottery from the Benedictin monks of his hometown, founded the company in 1821. It was a small craft workshop that made the typical “cazuelas”, a type of clay pot traditionally used for cooking in Spain. After 200 years of existence, Regás are the result of the evolution and improvement of that know-how. Regás has become a modern company that combines the traditional features in its products with the most modern technology in the production process that helps guarantee a high standard of quality. (ISO 9001:2015)


Founded in 1768, this company celebrated their 250 years anniversary in 2018. A family led business passed on from nine generations. A specialist in culinary porcelain, REVOL continues to push the evolution of its material in order to bring unique, creative, and innovative solutions to chefs around the world. In researching new materials, new textures, new shapes and colors, each piece powerfully expresses its uniqueness, while enhancing your culinary creations.


Royale® has been at the side of the best chefs in the world for more than thirty years in order
to pursue excellence and the best quality standards. This commitment not only results in a constant and passionate research for materials and shapes, but also in the development of a distinctive own concept. In this era of technology and industry, dominated by mass-production, we find a culture named “pop”, where objects take on a magical and irrational aspect on the one hand, while they almost immediately exhaust their attraction for those who desire them on the other. Instead, Royale® creates actual works of art whose beauty is timeless. The articles are all hand-modelled and decorated in Italy
by greatly experienced craftsmen, often born into the profession, day after day, with love. The uniqueness of each of our objects therefore flanks the uniqueness of each creation by the chef
and it is only this striving towards harmony between the plate and the course, the container and the contents, which evokes a sweet emotion when we go to the table,
enveloping us in a unique sensory experience.


The manufacture of porcelain in Germany demands constant pioneering work, an uncompromising dedication to quality and exemplary all-round service in advisory matters, customer care, logistics and environmental protection. In return for this, TAFELSTERN enjoys the outstanding trust and loyalty of customers throughout the world and a firmly established reputation for dependable premium quality.


The Wedgwood story began in 1759, when Josiah Wedgwood, started as an independent potter in England. Wedgwood collaborates with famous artists to create elegant fine bone china collections, Today, the Wedgwood collections are designed in England by the Wedgwood Design Studio. Jasper Conran, one of the UK's leading fashion designers, and Vera Wang, the acclaimed authority in bridal elegance, also created distinguished collections for Wedgwood.